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Bill Lescher

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Bill Lescher, the Navy's Vice Chief of Operations, has built a name for himself as a leader who exemplifies the virtues of courage, honor, loyalty, and sacrifice. Lescher has a lengthy and illustrious history of devotion to his nation, fellow military members, and his interests. He is well-educated, well-trained and capable of commanding attention. His time in the Navy has allowed him to travel and get a greater awareness of the world and each person's role in bringing about change, despite the fact that he is originally from Highland Park, Illinois.
Although he's originally from Highland Park, Illinois, his time in the Navy has given him the opportunity to see the globe and learn how each of us can make a difference.
As a result of his personal efforts in the Navy, leadership programs were developed to push each employee to attain outstanding performance via the continual application of problem-solving and proven leadership traits. He has the theoretical and practical expertise to see change through at every level of the process and in any context because of his extensive academic background.

Bill Lescher's academic record

The Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School awarded William Lescher degrees in systems and aeronautical engineering before he began his doctoral work. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School, one of the most famous business schools in the world. Because of his educational background, he has been able to succeed in the military and advance his profession. The Naval Test Pilot School and other other training programs that prepared him to fly helicopters resulted in his graduation with honors.

Admiral Lescher's Military Career

Bill Lescher served in the Middle East with the Lamplighters and Swampfoxes of HSL-36 and 44 on the USS O'Bannon (DD 987) during his first operational missions. Additionally, he served on the USS Capodanno (FF 1093), the USS Clard (FFG 11), and the USS Elrod (FFG 111). ( FFG 55). On land, he worked as an engineering test pilot at the Naval Air Warfare Center, where he led the SH-60B Seahawk development test team in the launch of the first Navy helicopter-launched guided missiles.

Roles of Leadership

The Airwolves of HSL-40, the Vipers of HSL Squadron-48, and the Atlantic Fleet Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing were placed under Admiral Lescher's command. While serving in this capacity, he also served as the executive officer of the Mine Countermeasures Command and Control Ship USS Inchon (MCS 12). He was given command of Task Forces 51/59 and Expeditionary Strike Group 5 in Bahrain while serving as a flag officer. Marine Expeditionary Units and Amphibious Ready Groups were all under his command. The USS Ponce (AFSB(I)-15), a forward staging facility in the Middle East, was under his command during operations to combat terrorism and respond to emergencies.

Lescher has been nominated for a number of leadership positions because of the respect he has gained from his military colleagues and people who owe him their gratitude for his service to the country. These are some examples:


Joint Staff Deputy Director for Resources and Purchasing

Vice Admiral in Charge of the Navy's Budget

Director of the Navy's Fiscal Management

Naval Operations Deputy Chief for Capability and Resource Integration of the United States Navy.

Vice Admiral of the Navy

William Lescher has received several honors and accolades.


Lescher has won several honors and accolades as a result of his distinguished military career and service. Among them are:


The HSL Pilot of the Year award from the Association of Naval Aviation.

Regional Pilot of the Year for the Naval Helicopter Association

The Rotary Wing Test Pilot of the Year from the Naval Air Warfare Center.

Gold-star Distinguished Service Cross for the U.S. Navy

Three-star Meritorious Service Medal

Two oak leaf clusters on the Defense Superior Service Medal

International Security and Counter-Terrorism Medal


Admiral Lescher's Professional Career Highlights

Get Real, Get Better was issued by the Navy as a result of his work, which helped the Navy transition into a new age of military presence. His understanding necessitated that everyone in command or service conduct an honest evaluation of their own and the performance of the military as a whole. With best practices and problem-solving methodologies, Admiral Lescher spearheaded initiatives to change the way people think about themselves. He also argued in favor of holding people responsible for the success or failure of the company at every level of operation. His leadership inspired the Navy to achieve world-class standards of excellence.

Lescher has had to make difficult decisions as Vice Chief of Naval Operations in order to promote openness and accountability. After a gasoline leak occurred at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii in April of 2022, the Navy investigated. Thousands of military families had their drinking water tainted just four months prior when another breach at the same location was discovered. Additionally, he's had to deal with the USS Bonhomme Richard disaster, in which a fire ravaged an amphibious assault ship just outside of San Diego.

To be a good leader, Bill Lescher requires his subordinates to exhibit the same qualities as he has, which he has demonstrated throughout his military career. It's no small honor for Admiral Lescher to wear the moniker "The Old Goat," given to him by his fellow graduates at the Naval Academy, and he takes it very seriously.